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Please refer to the frequently asked questions with the answers below. If your question has not been answered please contact us.


Q: Will you be able to provide me with the age and condition of the central heating and air conditioning?
A: It depends if the data plates are available and legible. If they are, then yes, I will be able to provide you with that information.

Q: I have a concern about mold. What will you be looking for?
A: I will be looking for moisture and water intrusion, and conditions relating to both, including mold, wood bug infestation, including termites and carpenter ants.

Q: The house has a fireplace. Will you be inspecting the fireplace and chimney?
A: I’ll inspect the fireplace and anything accessible in the whole house.

Q: Will you be going up into the attic? I have a concern about the roof structure.
A: If the attic is safe and accessible, I will inspect it.

Q: Will you be inspecting the foundation and structure? Will it include the crawl space?
A: All accessible areas are thoroughly inspected.


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